Best Arrowhead Electric Guitars : Reviews & Guide

Every guitarist has different views on what makes the best ArrowHead electric guitars for them. This is because even though they all play the guitar, they all have different styles of playing. 

Some people might think that choosing the best electric guitars is all about getting the most expensive or the most popular model in the market but it’s really not. 

However, because people see and perceive things differently, the term”the best” may not mean the same thing for everyone, and therefore picking out the best is a matter of personal choice.

To help you make the best choice that will suit your specific needs, we are presenting a list of the best ArrowHead electric guitars available in the market.

Best Arrowhead Electric Guitars Reviews 

1. ESP E-II Arrow in Black

ESP E-II Arrow in Black


The E-II Arrow was added to the ESP catalog in 2015. Its bold looks and high playability made it popular in the market even from the very start. 

Having replaced the ESP standard range, it was very expected that the E-II Arrow would be expensive. However, for the many wonderful features it offers, one could say that it is a price worth paying.

For starters, it has a very sturdy body, finely modeled form alder with a slightly tilted V prong and mitered top. The rear end is conveniently designed to maximize the ease of use. On the top, ESP stations a special Floyd Rose bridge with six saddles.  

An EMG’s 81(bridge) and 85(neck) present at the front ensures a firm grip.

It also consists of a set of six Gotoh tuners on an antique reverse headstock that gives it a more monstrous look. A maple neck rocks the super fast U figure in the back and runs through the whole length of the body.

The control unit is made up of a master volume button and a three-way toggle humbucker switch for adjusting pickups. Above it is a classic 24-fret ebony fingerboard built with triangular inlays, a white binding band and a locking string nut(1.65″ wide).

The ESP E-II Arrow like every other ESP E-II  is created in Japan where the manufacturer has its facility.  It is a guitar specially made for professionals, for high performances.  Its overall monstrous look makes it stand out, anytime any day.





The ESP Arrow Everest was manufactured in Japan in 2019. Japan has always been popular for its extraordinary productions and the ESP’s V model is typical evidence of just how tremendous Japanese designs can be. 

This guitar can produce very loud noisy sounds especially when combined with the Original Floyd Rose tremolo. 

It has a neck-thru construction, this means that each of the 24 XJ frets on the 3-ply maple neck can easily be accessed. Summarily, the ESP Arrow is an electric guitar specially built for serious shredders.

In the past, the original Arrow series was made popular because of its huge, diagonal wings. The rear headstock and the mother-of-pearl shark fin inlays on the fretboard further exposed the neat lines of this model. 

Everything about the ESP Arrow is designed to produce noise. That is the reason why this axe is supplied with the EMG JH ‘Het’ Set. These functional pickups supply a high output making them appropriate for every style of music. 

Another beautiful thing about this model is that it changes color depending on the type of light that reflects on it plus it has a neatly laid finishing. The arrow comes with a case to ensure the safety and durability of the guitar. 

Every instrument in the ESP Original series is manually made in ESP’s Custom shop in Japan. The manufactures are very detailed and they always aim for excellence. That is why their guitars and basses are the choice of every High-performance musician who wants nothing short of the best. 

Therefore if you need top quality musical instruments, the ESP’S Original series is one of the best money can buy.

3. ESP LTD Arrow-1000 in Violet Andromeda


ESP LTD Arrow-1000 in Violet Andromeda


The LTD Arrow-1000 is similar to the ESP Arrow model in a lot of ways, this similarity includes a striking finish, but at a more affordable price making it suitable for every player who admires the Arrows style. Just like the ESP Arrow, the LTD Arrow also has the neck-thru-construction feature but it is made from mahogany and not from alder. 

The LTD Arrow-1000 just like every other ESP guitar is highly acknowledged for its speed and playability. 

This feature makes them ideal particularly for players who like using every note over its entire four-octave range.

The body finish is black and it consists of Gover tuners, a  Floyd Rose 1000SE vibrato bridge with a stainless steel screw, and a locking nut(a premium inclusion for durability), a three-way humbucker selector toggle control, and a master volume knob.

Over the years, the manufacturers have maintained similar attention to details and sophistication. With a striking fretwork, every other hardware component is firmly and perfectly installed. 

The brilliant Violet Andromeda finish is the ultimate feature of this guitar, changing to various colors from blue to purple under the spotlights. 

The Player’s comfort is guaranteed as the guitar remains perfectly balanced when played in standing position. This is all thanks to the broad bass bout of the Arrow’s uneven body build.

The broad bass bout also promotes the body’s bass response, presenting a violent low-end thump similar to the Explorer-style guitar.

Are ESP guitars worth the money?

Judging by the unique feature of these guitars, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that ESP is one of the manufacturers of the best guitars in the world.

Although they can be very expensive, they are worth every cent. ESP  guitars remain top of the list for many years. However, whether or not they are up to your standard is a matter of personal choice.

Embarking on the journey to the guitar world can be a very exciting experience but this excitement soon wears off if you end up with the wrong guitar that would merely frustrate your efforts. 

To avoid such mistakes and regrets, carefully go through the features of the guitars over and over again to ensure you make the right decision. 

Although cost can be a very important factor in your decision, it is important to note that it shouldn’t be the only factor because ESP guitars are totally worth it.