Best Electric Guitar Micro Amps 2020 : Reviews & Comparisons

Every guitarist wants to be able to play the guitar wherever he finds himself without any limitations. Micro amps have made it possible for any guitarist to be able to play the guitar without concern for the size of the guitar amplifier. 

Micro amps do the same work of the regular amplifiers but they are even better because they are small and can be carried everywhere and fit into almost any space.

Microamps still produce the notes and sounds of regular amplifiers but can enable you to play the guitar quietly or indoors while using headphones. 

Still on portability, note that it does not affect the performance quality, but makes it easy to use while traveling and in private areas.

Top Rated Electric Guitar Micro Amp Reviews

There are a number of micro guitar amps that can give the total satisfaction that comes with using amplifiers while playing the guitar. This article outlines a list of some of the best electric guitar microamps.

1. VOX amPlug2AP2-CR Guitar

VOX amPlug2AP2-CR Guitar

The VOX amPlug2AP2-CR Guitar has remained a bestseller since 2007 because of its unique features. It offers a stress-free mode to enjoy the analog amplifier set up.

It has a plug mechanism that revolves around 180 degrees with added automatic off power functions that make it easy to operate. 

VOX amPlug2AP2-CR Guitar has been upgraded extensively and the new models function in three modes. It has a rhythm function that works with each bass type, showing the numerous effects it can give off.

It is so portable, yet possesses brilliant effects and functions. It is one of the best micro amps any guitarist can get.

If you have used the British 100w amplifier, the amPlug is a replica but only smaller but with the same features while using headphones.

The sound control on the amPlug is similar to the sound on larger sound amplifiers. There are no hitches in sound while using the amPlug or need to untangle wires and cables.

For the guitarist who loves to play anywhere and at any time, especially with headphones, this would be a good purchase for you.

2. Marshall MS2R Red


Marshall MS2R Red


The Marshall MS2R Red is perfect for personal or solo practice. It is portable and can be a great travel companion. It works like magic, helping you enjoy the same features of a regular-sized amplifier on something very little. 

The distortion sound is amazing. Although it may produce a vibrating sound sometimes, it is a minor challenge because all its good perks outweigh the annoying vibration. You can put it anywhere while in use because it is light and easy to carry around.

If you want to play your electric guitar or acoustic guitars, or even percussion instruments, the Marshall MS2R works fine alongside.

3. Fender Amp Mustang I V2 Combo 


Fender Amp Mustang I V2 Combo


Fender Amp Mustang I V2 Combo is very light and portable. It is an awesome personal, home, and traveling companion for guitarists. It has great balancing, can be lifted with ease, and will fit into most compartments for the sake of travel or privacy. 

Do not let its size fool you. It is really loud and has a lot of alluring features. It comes with a compartment for USBs which allows you to record notes or songs. It can fill in as a mini studio, enabling you to record demos while giving the features of a regular studio. All you need is some quiet space.

The Fender Amp Mustang I V2 Combo Comes with ports for headphones too. This is absolutely necessary when you need to play in a public space. It is really loud owing to its 20 W amp which can pierce through walls while emitting rich sounds. Vd 

Fender offers do-it-yourself tutorials on how to use it. It can be a challenge knowing how to use it, but not to worry, you eventually get to know how to use it with constant practice. It has a lot of special effects which become very useful and productive once the user figures out how to use them effectively.

This is an excellent buy for guitarists and bassists in need of microamps. You can find tutorials on how to use it on the Fender website. 

4. Andoer Electric Guitar Amp Amplifier PG-5 5W


Andoer Electric Guitar Amp Amplifier PG-5 5W


The Andoer Electric Guitar Amp PG-5 is a 5W power amplifier. It is designed uniquely and performs optimally. The sound is clear and clean and it comes with sound effects that make the experience satisfactory. 

The Andoer Electric Guitar Amp is an amplifier that relates perfectly with high sensitivity guitar speakers.

It comes with control for volume and tone functions and has ports for headphones and USBs. It has a speaker that gives off amazing sound effects. The speaker is just 3 inches.

It can be carried anywhere, it is reliable and lasts for a long time. It can be attached to any surface since it has a clip designed for hanging. It doesn’t take up too much power since it is 5W and it is easy to clean and doesn’t take dirt up.

Final Thoughts

These microamps are essential for guitarists. They enable you to enjoy all the features that come with the guitar and its sounds.

A regular amplifier has its limitations but with a micro amplifier, you can play, record, and enjoy the sounds, effects, and functions at any time and any space. 

They also function as amplifiers for home sound systems and so, anyone who enjoys good music and sounds can enjoy the microamps.

Micro and mini amps are available at different stores, this article will serve as a guide while you make your purchase.

So whether you’re a guitarist, bassist or a regular who needs a good boost for speakers, try the microamps.

They create a better appreciation for sounds and music. They reveal all the background functions, effects, and tones that every artist embeds in their sounds.

Micro amps should be seen as boosters with great effects. When you are not on the go, or you are just at home and need to practice, put on your headphones, and blast away!